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Connect Twitter with Feno CX

Easily reply to your direct messages on Twitter from Feno CX and have your Twitter and website communication in one place. Let the chatbot answer for you and more.


Assign Departments

Automatically routes Twitter conversations to the specific department of your choice.

User Synchronization

Anyone who messages you will be added to your Feno CX using their Twitter profile picture and name.


Receive email, SMS, and push notifications when you receive new messages in Twitter.

Twitter chat integration

Communicate in Feno CX

Instantly receive and respond to messages sent to your Twitter account in Feno CX. The integration supports attachments, documents, photos, videos, audios, and more.

  • Send and receive messages
  • Real-time two-way sync
  • Attachments, media, more

Connect the Dialogflow Chatbot with Twitter

Connect the Dialogflow chatbot with Twitter and automate your communication within Twitter as well. Our integration is the most advanced on the market and provides unique and innovative features.

Compatible with the most Innovative Features

The following Dialogflow and Feno CX features work also with Twitter. More features like disabling the chatbot outside of office hours are integrated as well.

    Media Attachments

    Two-way support for GIFs, emojis, images, audio, video, or file attachments. Send multiple attachments at once.

    Automatic Translation

    Instantly translates user messages into your agent's preferred language. Or, translate into a user's language.

    Detect Language

    Detect the user's language on the fly by analyzing the user's messages sent to Twitter.


    Connect the Dialogflow chatbot to your Twitter account and use one chatbot for all channels.


    Send and reply to Twitter messages, emails and chats within your Feno CX.

    Support for Routing

    Twitter conversations and messages support agent routing and related features.